Work & Research

Grants, Fellowships, and Awards


  1. Identifying wetland consolidation using remote sensing in the North Dakota Prairie Pothole Region (C.K., Mark Borsuk and Mukesh Kumar; Water Resources Research 2018)
  2. Probabilistic programming: a review for environmental modellers (C.K. and Mark Borsuk, Environmental Modelling and Software 2019)
  3. Gradient based inverse estimation for a rainfall-runo ff model using a deep learning optimization framework (C.K., Mark Borsuk and Mukesh Kumar, Water Resources Research 2019)
  4. Crop yield response to water availability in the U.S. over the past thirty years (C.K., Emily Burchfield, Danielle Touma, Max Stiefel, Rui Zhu and John Nay, under review)
  5. A spatial community regression approach to exploratory analysis of ecological data (C.K., Mark Borsuk, Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2020)
  6. A parsimonious Bayesian representation of non-floodplain wetlands (C.K., Mark Borsuk, Mukesh Kumar, under review)
  7. Quantifying uncertainty in remote sensing data with deep generative models (C.K., Mark Borsuk, Mukesh Kumar, in preparation)